February 3, 2009

I'll miss the armadillo!

Here's another thing I'll miss (and not miss) about Dallas. We have a couple of pet armadillos that live under our house. I love it b/c our house/yard is like Disney World for all the little creatures and crawlers. It's fun! We have all these little animals hanging out around the house and they're all pretty friendly too. Lo saw the armadillo on the back porch the other day (see pic above) and got soooooo excited....she literally went nuts!!!

Here's what I won't miss....the armadillos have a tendency to come out in the middle of the night and run around. You can hear their backs hitting the house every time they decide to make a move. Then they drag things across the yard and back under the house they go. And, once again, their backs hit the house. Well, this causes our dogs to go CRAZY!!! So, basically, we finally get our child sleeping through the night but then the armadillos come out with vengeance and drive our dogs up a wall. Oh, I guess we'll never get a full nights sleep again. I swear we're cursed. Welcome to parenthood I guess...

The good news is the house we're moving to in Austin should have some creatures and crawlers too. We're moving to a beautiful old school neighborhood with tons of trees. We still haven't decided on the exact house yet...down to the final two. HUH!!! We have to do that asap since we're scheduled to move February 26th.

One of the houses we've been looking at is an old farmhouse built in 1886. It was moved into the neighborhood and renovated in 1998. What I love is that they kept the original farmhouse look....kind of shabby chic I guess. This style of house is the extreme opposite of our house now but it's still really cool. Our thought is that it will be even more groovy and cool once we get all of our modern furniture and art work in there. I think it could really be funky and fun! We figure we should have fun with it so why not live in an old farmhouse from 1886 right?!?!? It's very "Austin" and there's something a little romantic about it too. Here are some pics of the house. I can see Miss Lo swinging on that little swing now. Oh, it will be too cute (if we can finally make a decision that is).

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