February 18, 2009

I miss my girl!!

Wow! Although I've taken several (almost verging on numerous) business trips since Lola was born, every time I leave it just doesn't get any easier. Even when I look at these pouty face pics it still makes me want to be back home. But, I have many more business trips to come so I guess I'll have to get used to this ache I feel inside when I'm away.

I don't have much time tonight. Things are crazy this week but wanted to check in to say "Hola". Basically, just got back to hotel after a long day of auditing and it is 9:11 p.m. eastern. And, I still have a report to work on tonight. It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't leave my laptop charger at the office so I'm on a mission to get as much done before the laptop dies. Of course, I took it upon myself to squeeze in a blog...OOPS.

Ok. I've got to get going but I have some updates on packing, my attitude, things happening in Austin, etc. All good news so I can't wait to share.

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