February 16, 2009

Plan Toys

Once again I was not able to get pictures uploaded from our camera and Clay left with the laptop. So, hopefully next week I can get the pictures uploaded and post to blog. Until then, I'll have to resort to either recommendations of my favorite things and/or older pictures.

Plan Toys is my new favorite toy brand. They have so many adorable things that are just perfect for a little 1 yr old or even kiddos younger and older. They are also a green company so they reduce, reuse and recycle and use green materials, green manufacturing and a "green attitude". Always a plus!!! They create toys to inspire kid's imagination and promote physical and intellectual development. Both of these things are something we always look for before purchasing toys for baby Lola.

Clay and I got Lo the little shopping cart above for her birthday. She loves pushing things around (usually the highchair or any other kind of chair she can get her hands on) so we thought this would be two-fold and act as a shopping cart and walker. She's had some good times with it so far. She pushes it all around the house and stops to pick up little objects to put in the cart. You go through the cart and it could have anything from a doll, to a puzzle piece, to a spoon, to a dog bone. It's cute. Memaw bought her the little drum set above. It is adorable and Lo loves playing on it. She now has a tambourine, drum set, guitar, baby baby grand piano and a xylophone. I love it b/c Lola is able to express herself through music with these toys. Hopefully she is taking after her father on the musical side. Anyway, other than her dolls and cell phone, these are some of Lo's favorite toys and I highly recommend them.

I got both of these toys at Baby Bliss (http://www.shopbabybliss.com/) which is my favorite baby boutique in Dallas. This definitely makes the list of "Things I'll miss most about Dallas" and I'll drop in to visit any time I'm in town. My last stop into Baby Bliss I was able to buy some adorable outfits for the spring. I also found some cute shoes. Below are a some I got by See Kai Run (http://www.seekairun.com/), my new favorite shoe brand. They have soft soles, their flexible and very easy on the feet for our new little walker. They are specifically designed to promote the development for babies feet. You wouldn't believe all the adorable shoes they have for both boys and girls. I love them!

I'm guessing this will probably be my last blog for the week....bummer. I'll give it my best shot to get another one up but things are a little crazy this week....actually for the next two weeks. I'll be in Atlanta all week and Clay will be in Austin. I cried this morning when Clay left. I just wish we could all be together again as a "normal" family. I put that in quotes b/c we are actually far from "normal" but you know what I mean.

It's especially hard to be apart when we have so much going on in our lives. This is usually a time when we need to lean on each other and support each other but we're apart. Plus, we absolutley HAVE to start packing at one point as we move in a week and a half (which of course is the main points of stress). I still can't believe it. I guess that day will be here before we know it. I kind of feel like I'm on the verge of a break-down. Actually break-down already came, I'm just hoping to stabilize it and get through the next two weeks without being committed to some sort of luni bin...I don't function well under lots stress. Who does really? And if you do, please give me some advice as long as it doesn't consist of alcohol, medications, etc...he,he. Oh man...we'll get through this in one piece...right?!?!? I just want to get all of this over with so we can move on and start our life in Austin. There will be struggles there too but I think once we get into a routine we'll all be very happy (Including Gammy who can't even think about it without crying).

Once again, another crabby blog. I'm sorry. Surely after we get moved and all these stresses are off our shoulders I'll be able to post some fabulous uplifting blogs. I feel I definitely will. In the meantime, let me get through this stressful period and then the fun Amy will be back....

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