February 19, 2009

A whole new attitude

Lola's nursery is all packed up! Kind of sad huh?

8 boxes down and according to Bekins moving company about 293 more to go...nice!!! I actually got a lot more done after I took the pic so it's probably more like 20 boxes down 273 to go. Yea, that's better!

Ok, I've been down in the dumps lately as you can tell from my crabby blogs. Well, on Monday at about noon I decided to turn the crabby attitude around and start being optimistic. Why wait until we move??? There's no reason why I shouldn't start now.

So, I finally decided to pull myself out of the slump that's been lingering and building over the past couple weeks (or months for that matter) and I began to face the reality of everything that's been driving me insane.

First things first....it was time to start packing! I started with the rooms that probably mean the most to me which was Lola's nursery and the living room. I thought "I'll just get the hard part over with". But I was happy to find it wasn't hard at all. I think I had been avoiding packing as I was scared it may cause more pain, anxiety and/or sadness and I haven't been ready to face that. Here's the great part....I found that as I packed up the rooms and boxes it was actually exhilarating and the pain miraculously began to float away. I started feeling ok about everything...funny how that works. This created a whole new attitude within me.

I guess it's like anything else...the anxiety builds most when trying to make a decision or when trying to make yourself start something that you may dread but once you make that decision or just get started, the anxiety subsides. Thank goodness that was the case for me. Once this happened, good news started coming the rest of the day and suddenly everything felt like it had turned around and I started having a positive feeling for the first time in a while. With my new positive attitude, I also decided to be proactive on our social lives in Austin. I'll update you on all of this in another blog. I'm starting to get real excited about stuff there....lots of plans....woohoo!!!

Those are my thoughts for today and this week....

On a side note, I picked Lola up early from school on Monday so I could spend some time with her before I left town. She helped me pack. I said to her "Lola, Let's pack" and the rest of the day she went around saying "pack, pack, pack" over and over. I gave her an empty tape roll and she acted like she was "helping" me tape boxes. Or, when I was writing on the box, she would take her little crayon and would try to write on the box too. She literally sat and packed with me for 3 hours. We got a lot done! Here's the best part....at one point during the evening my keys and phone were missing in action. After searching and searching I finally thought "I wonder if Lola put them in one of the boxes". Well, come to find out Lola thought she would help "pack" and put both my phone and keys in a box. I didn't realize she did this and taped the box up and stacked it with all the others. Oh man! Basically, I had to go through the boxes to find them. Pretty funny!

I'm still in Atlanta auditing away. I'm working 12 hour days right now but things are going well. I can't sleep in hotels AT ALL (averaging 3 - 4 hrs sleep a night) so I don't mind working and I actually LOVE my job and what I do and LOVE the people I work with...who can say that anymore these days?!?!?! I just ordered some Chinese delivery from "Wok & Roll"....HE,HE. Seriously, you gotta love that name. I fly home tomorrow and can't wait to see both Clay and Lola and give them HUGE hugs & kisses....XOXOXOXO. Ok now I'm starting to be cheesy...I think I'm delirious from the lack of sleep....you would think I would be used to it by now. Nah...I love my sleep too much. Ok...time to go watch a re-run of CSI Miami...that show really does ROCK!

P.S. I was doing some research on stress and found the top 3 most stressful things in life were as follows:
1) Divorce
2) New Job
3) New Home

This made me feel better.

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