February 12, 2009

What is wrong with me?

So, I'm exhausted and all I want to do is go to bed, put an episode of CSI Miami on and read my LAST Domino magazine (BTW...I'm so upset Domino folded. I went into a mini-depression over this....not sure where I'm going to steal my decorating ideas from anymore). Now, I find myself sitting at the computer writing. Why do I do this? I mean don't I get enough computer time during the day at work. But, I thought I would just drop a "quick" note. Of course nothing is "quick" with me when it comes to writing but I'm going to give it a shot.

Here's the deal....With Clay gone, I'm home alone at night and have been for the past two weeks so I have no one to vent to and complain to when I'm feeling something. Thank goodness for the blog. I'm basically using it to make me feel better about life in general. I think I've said this before but it's a good replacement for a psychiatrist and it's free...Woohoo!!!

I'm going to summarize "quickly" why I feel horrible tonight (lately it seems to be something different every night for some reason). You recall in the blog below I mentioned that as a "single" parent it's really hard to find time to eat? My lack of eating was the only thing giving me a sense of relief about not exercising. Well, tonight that all changed...I found time to not only eat but scarf down two sandwiches in a matter of minutes. Yes, I said TWO sandwiches. The first one was a turkey sandwich with avocados and mayo (it was delicious). Then I took it upon myself to make another. This time I changed it up and made a pimento cheese sandwich (it was yummy too). THEN, I scarfed down four millionaires/turtles that my dad bought me for Valentine's. Oh my! Lola wouldn't go to sleep at a decent hour and that is all I wanted tonight...I was so exhausted and just needed to pass the time. I feel like I don't know how to sit and watch TV anymore so I just decided to eat and eat and eat.

So, basically, I'm bloated and disgusting right now. Oh man...what am I going to do? And, better yet WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? Not only that but while I was scarfing down the sandwiches I just let Lola scarf down the dog food. She had been wanting it all night (this is a constant thing) and I finally just gave in. The exhaustion can make you do crazy things I guess.

In my defense, I had a lot that went down between 5:00 and 6:00 pm. Again, I'm too exhausted to get into major detail so I'll make a long story short...We close on our house in 2 1/2 weeks. Contract is settled and all we have to do is make it to closing on 2/26 and we actually walk away with cash in our hands. Well, a scary storm blew in on Tuesday night. I grabbed Lo and the dogs and we went into the closet. Luckily, it only lasted a couple minutes. I noticed yesterday that some shingles came off our roof during the storm. Not a big deal right?!?!? You would think but not just a couple shingles came off. Apparently the roof is "unrepairable" and we have to replace it. ARE YOUR KIDDING ME!!! WE'RE 2 WEEKS FROM CLOSING AND THIS HAPPENS!!! That definitely called for all caps. Basically, we have a 1% deductible on our homeowners policy so our profits from the house are slowly dwindling down. To make matters worse there is NO WAY we can get it repaired before the closing so I'm assuming it will be pushed back and I'll be a "single" mother longer than anticipated. SERIOUSLY...who has this kind of luck???

So, that's why I ate and ate and ate tonight. HUH!!! Life can be frustrating but as usual we'll make it through. I wish Clay was here!

Lately, I kind of feel like I'm always crabby on the blog. I need to make a point to be more up beat in future blogs. Speaking of, my favorite blogger "Crabmommy" had a HILARIOUS post the other day. You HAVE to read it...it will make you laugh out loud. Here's the link:


On a lighter note, I've been meaning to post these pics. Lo LOVES talking on the phone. She gets real serious when she is on the phone. She'll even push the buttons on the blackberry (BB) like she's typing a message...she takes after her mom here b/c I'm obsessed with my BB. As you can tell from she was having a very serious conversation.

Keep our family in your thoughts. Tomorrow Paw Paw (my dad) is having surgery. We're confident it will all go smooth and he'll have a fabulous recovery.

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