February 10, 2009

A Balloon for a Blunderbuss

Well, I'm totally bummed! Clay ran off with our laptop and I'm not able to upload pictures. Therefore, there will be no new pictures this week. Instead of reacting like I normally would which is call Clay and yell at him for taking the laptop without my knowledge, I thought I would be optimistic about the situation and post some of Lola's favorite things. We'll start with her favorite book...

"A Balloon for a Blunderbuss" is Lo's favorite! I'm not real sure why she always chooses this one but she does. For some reason, she absolutely loves it. Due to this, we read it numerous times a day.

This book was written/published in 1961 so it's an old one. It has a series of outlandish swaps: a butterfly in the hand earns a wishbone, which in turn can be exchanged for a kite with a tail, then a straw hat, until eventually a tower is traded up for a small army and even ''11 towering icebergs". Something about it really brings joy to Miss Lo and we enjoy it too. I love that the illustrations are all done in pen and ink so it's simple yet inspiring. Lola loves pointing and hooing at all the illustrations each time we turn the page.

I have some other things to tell you too but I'm kind of tired and not feeling so hot. I'm actually under the weather a little. Clay is back in Austin and I'm exhausted. Plus I have a work conference call at 9:00 this evening...yuck!!! With Clay being gone, I can't work late so I have to squeeze things in after Lola goes to sleep. Oh, and I still need to pack. Lord help me!

Oh, I almost forgot....Lola had her 12 month doc appt yesterday. I was in shock that over the past 3 months she has only gained .5 lbs. The doctor said this is completely normal and they tend to grow a lot slower after a certain point....makes sense I guess. The appt was pretty much horrible! She had 4 immunization shots and it broke my heart to see her cry so hard. On top of that, she has an ear infection in both ears...didn't even know it (ANOTHER "I'm a horrible mother moment"...how many of these have I had exactly?!?). So, she is back on antibiotics. Hopefully this will be the last time for the season. And, hopefully she'll sleep through the night tonight unlike last night....we were up for hours until I finally just put her to bed with me so I could get some shut eye before the alarm went off at the break of dawn. Ouch...it always hurts so bad when that alarm goes off. Anyway, here are her statistics from the appt:

Height - 30 inches - 75th percentile
Weight - 23 lbs - 75th - 90th percentile
Head - 47 cm - 90 - 95th percentile (poor baby girl...her head is really big)

She's still a big girl!!!

One thing I find interesting about the baby check-up appointments is you always walk in feeling so confident and you think your child is advancing so quick and is basically a "genius". Then, they have you fill out questionnaires on the baby's development and I start panicking ...."Is she shaking her head yes & no", "Does she say multiple words", "Does she follow commands", etc. All of the sudden I forget everything she does and go into panic mode and start thinking she may be autistic. I know...once again a little extreme...that's how I operate though. It usually takes spending an evening with her reviewing the form and diligently observing her before I feel a sense of relief and think "Ahhh...yes...she is doing all of that". I swear I'm going insane sometimes...I can be a real nut-bag you know! Especially when it comes to baby Lo. I guess we're all like this as parents....right?!?!?!?

P.S. What is everyone's take on the MMR immunization? I didn't think they got this one until they turned 2 but apparently that's not the case b/c Lo got a shot of it yesterday. I'm a little torn on this and wanted to do some research on it before giving her this one. Now I'm in panic mode over this. Yep...it's official...I'm one of those "crazy" mothers. Good Lord again!!! I think it's time to call it a night....

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