January 6, 2009

Two More...

Oh, I have two more New Year's resolutions that I didn't include in my last blog. They are to:
  • SAVE MONEY - Clay and I plan to make this a big year to save money and pay off any/all debts. Oh, I so hope we're able to stay focused here.

  • GET/STAY ORGANIZED - We worked on getting organized over the holidays. I've found that if you're not organized, you work full time and you are a parent, things can get out of control pretty quick. We want our lives to be less stressful and we think we can accomplish that by getting/staying organized. We'll see.

So, now I have 5 New Year's resolutions that I absolutely have to stick to. My hopes are that if they are written down (i.e. on the blog) then I'll stick to them.

I know we're past the holiday now but I was never able to get this pic posted. Attached is Lo with Santa at school. She had three visits with Santa. All of them went about the same, she was semi-terrified i.e. stiff as a board and puckering her little bottom lip. Poor baby girl.

I'm back to work now. Although taking some vacation days was wonderful, it's good to be back on a schedule and what I like to call "back to reality". The first day back is always tough though.

I'll be back tomorrow with "I'm so far behind...Part III".

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