October 24, 2011

Coffee table turned chalk board

I hate our coffee table.  For years I've been on a hunt for a new one but haven't found the perfect fit for our living room yet.  I really want a mid-century modern vintage table but anytime I find the "perfect" one, it doesn't fit in our budget.  So, we continue to keep the same table in hopes that one day (soon) we'll find "the one" that is within our budget.

Since I don't care for this coffee table much, I typically don't fret when the kids are drawing and just so happen to run the marker, crayon, pen, etc onto the table.  There are days when the entire table has marks all over it from the kids.  And then there are those days when I can't handle it anymore and I scrub the table clean...only to stay clean for a few hours of course.

One day when I was scrubbing all the kids marks off, I had an epiphany....instead of constantly asking the kids not to draw on the table, why don't I make it to where they can draw on it?!?!?!?  At the very least, it's one less thing for me to scream at the kids about. Hmmmm...now that's a thought.  So here's what we did.


Please disregard all the clutter that slips under the couch. I guess I need to get under there and clean that out!  That's a good job for Clay. 

The process...

G ran out and went straight for the table before we could catch him.  Oops!


Kind of fun huh!!!!

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