October 5, 2011

The Happiness Project

Goodness!  Sorry I've been a little out of the loop this week.  I guess several things kind of got me off track.  One being the scream-fest that took place in our house this past weekend.  It's really taken my head/nerves until today to recover. Yes, we finally had a weekend at home to enjoy our time as a family and do whatever the hell we wanted and it ended up being BEYOND chaotic...IMAGINE THAT...we are the Odom's...isn't this just expected!?!?!? Of course, the chaos seemed to be mainly driven by a little 14 month old who has really discovered his personality and definitely has his favorite words he likes to scream out over and over and over and over....more on this to come...

Anyway, in addition to this, I hit a point.  Don't really knows what it means but I hit "a point". HMMMM!?!?!? I got out of my "funk" (Thanks Goodness!) but then moved to a new phase ("a point") and I'm trying to figure out how to work through it.  Okay, I'm even confusing myself now as this is all kind of hard to explain so I'll just move on to how I'm working on this new phase.  It's called The Happiness Project!

Now I know what some of you are saying...something along these lines "Yeah, Yeah...we've all heard of The Happiness Project" but there's more to this whole thing....I truly believe it and it didn't take me long to fall for it.  I had only gotten to Page 2 of the book when I found the author describing what happened to me last week when I hit my "funk" perfectly.  She described something I was unable to translate from my brain to paper (a.k.a. blog). Yes.  I marked up the page and must say I'm a little embarrassed to admit but there ya go...I'm admitting it.   

For those of you who don't know what The Happiness Project is all about...Well "it's an approach to changing your life"...it's about being happier.  Simple right!  This book is not directed to those who are unhappy or depressed (I'm none of these BTW) it's more for all of us who are happy but think we can be happier.  How do we get there???  You may think that you can't be any happier but just read a few pages of this book and you'll quickly realize you can...A-MAZING!

So, I'm off on my "Happiness Project" journey.  I'm only just starting this book (and my personal project) but I know the first step to becoming happier is by making my (our) life more manageable which translates into de-cluttering all!  No joke.  I'm using this month to get rid of everything I (we) don't need and get things organized/clutter free!  Just the thought of it already makes me feel happier although it will be a huge undertaking.  I'll continue to walk yall through my "journey" (literally HATE this word not sure why I keep using it) on The Happiness Project.  It's a 12 month process so will take time but we'll get there!

As for now...this moment...I need to go fill up my very hungry belly and I know I'll be much happier!

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a said...

You said "journey." Ha! Good luck with the project...I think I've made it to May so far.