October 18, 2011

Utopia Fest Recap

We had a fantastic time at Utopia Fest with the kiddos.  What's better than camping in the beautiful Texas Hill Country, hanging with groovy people and listening to phenomenal music???  Here's a little recap of the fun!

The campsite had breathe taking views!

Lola quickly met friends which she ran around with all weekend (thanks to our strategic scoping of where to set up camp...always by another tent with kids). BTW...we were obsessed with the tepees around the venue!  We plan to build one right in our yard.  Too cool!

Gaines chomping down on a banana. He felt like a "big man" in his little chair.

Hanging out day after the shows.  About to go in for a kiss right on this lovable little boys cheek!

The music scene! 

Have I mentioned that I'm ABSOLUTELY OB-SESSED with Blitzen Trapper.  I loved them before but seeing them live took my obsession to another level. I was front row joe and in hog heaven listening to their fabulous tunes.  TO. DIE. FOR!

Gaines with his headphones getting ready to hit the sack.  He slept great in the stoller while we rocked out despite the loud music!

Lola also sporting her headphones getting ready to jam out with the other kids.

 As much as we didn't want to, we all had to go to sleep in our snugly tent. 

The day and night went so well, we decided not to push it.  Instead of spending another night out at the fest, we went out to explore the hill country.  Here's a setting we loved. 

There is really nothing not to love about the Texas Hill Country and everything that comes along with it!  SUCH a great trip that will go down in the memory book!

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Anonymous said...

Your last picture was taken of structures that were part of the Vanderpool filling station and store in the 50's. This belongs to relatives of the festival founder, Travis. So glad you enjoyed you week-end.. thanks for the good words.. and bring the kids back next year.