October 7, 2011

Fashion Friday - 100 Years/Style/East London

Once again, things are bit crazy around here so I haven't had much blog time this week which I hate since this is my personal psychologist.  I'm hoping next week will be better...I feel it will be already!  Updates on kiddos and all!

In the meantime, although it's not necessarily a "Fun Friday", I'll throw another "Fashion Friday" out there.  When I saw this video, I loved it for so many reasons.  One being the styles.  Although it is East London, it's pretty interesting to see how style has evolved over the past 100 years.  Even more interesting, is seeing how certain styles have come back in different ways.  So many pieces in this video I have hanging in my closet now....a modern version of course. 

The second reason I loved this video is for the dancing and music.  Watch it!  It will help pep up your Friday.

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