September 30, 2011

Fashion Friday

I used to have what I called "Fun Fridays" back in the day. On "Fun Friday" I would kind of take it easy during the work day. I always got everything done that needed to be done but I would also plan lunch with a girlfriend, possibly run errands and maybe even leave a little early that day to reward myself for making it through a tough work week. But, now that I basically need to work 7 days a week 15 hours a day, there are no more "Fun Fridays" (and hasn't been for a long while) but rather "Frantic Fridays"...ARGH!!!  Anyway, since I've had to do away with my "Fun Fridays", I thought I could have a "Fashion Friday".  Why not right?!?!!?  With that, here's a look that I came by that I'm COMPLETELY obsessed with...the skirt, the boot, the necklace, the glasses, the hair...UHHHH...I want to be this chick!!! TOTALLY groovalicious!

Although I will NEVER look like this chick (one because I'm too dang old), my goal is to have this outfit or something similar maybe.  Luckily, it's doable...I think. After the Missoni stafu at Tar-Jey, maybe this is my opportunity to acquire a Missoni-esk piece (the "esk" is the key to this word)! See this skirt on  In Love With Fashion. I've also seen some skirts in a similar style with different prints in the Nordstrom Junior department (Yes, I'm 35 and shop junior departments..EEEK!) that were reasonable priced...$40ish

Another obsession I feel I'm going to have this fall (once fall weather ever gets here...) will be the wide-leg jeans.  Over the past couple years, I've stuck with the skinny jean and still love them but I think I'll also have to grab a good pair of wide-legs to spice up the ol' wardrobe. Albeit, I'll have to lose a few more EEELLL BEEES (that's pounds) to really pull these off.  It's amazing that it's harder to pull off wide-legs than skinny jeans but this is a least for me. Here are some good wide-legged looks.

Via Free People

And, lets not forget about the original and where it all started.

BTW...I also plan on snagging a pair of wide-legs for Lola too.  She had a pair last year and I LOVED them but I'm assuming she's grown out of those by now.  

So that's Fashion Friday...and now it's time to get frantic! Happy weekend!

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