September 21, 2011

Trans-Pecos Festival of Music and Love

 After a long weekend of music out at ACL, I'm feeling some withdrawals.  Luckily, we only have 2 days before we're off to El Cosmico in Marfa for the Trans-Pecos Festival of Music and Love.  We're excited about the line-up...specifically our new neighbor Patty Griffin (and possibly Robert Plant) will be playing at the festival and many other bands such as Black Angels, Heartless Bastards and Mother Falcon. I never can get enough of music like this!

Even above the line-up, I think I'm more excited to head back to El Cosmico to hang with groovy folk, camp, play music, bike around the fabulous town of Marfa and maybe even get to hang with one of my favorite people, Liz Lambert.  Absolutely can't wait!  Here are some moments from our last visit out to El Cosmico/Marfa...

 Marfa - The town of all towns. 

 A favorite hole in the wall bar. 

We had a special Design your own TOMS moment while we were in Marfa. They had a blank canvas up and we were able to write a special something. We dedicated ours to the kids and Uncle Foy. TOMS will take these canvases and produce shoes from them. It was a pretty cool moment!

 JUDD - What it's all about!


kristin said...

Have a great time. Wish we were joining you. did you take the kids on this trip? LOVE marfa. and as a weird side note... One of my friends at work is the dad of one of the guys in Mother Falcon. They have a pretty interesting thing going. as a side note.... we need to have your clan over soon. Oh... and our connection with Wilco had a falling out wit the band's management. BOOOOOOOO! not free awesome tickets and back stage passes to hand your way. no like.

Hola Lola said...

Hey Kristin. I've was just thinking about yall! Lets get together soon PLEASE! Marfa was great. We didn't take the kids but plan to take them on the next road trip to Utopia Fest. Yall should come along too! We got our Wilco tix! YAH! Sad we won't be going backstage this round! Hope to see yall soon! We'll give yall a call this week!