September 6, 2011

An Elsley must have ....

We MUST get this Fish Hotel Fishbowl for our little Elsley! How cool is this tank?!?!? It's like the Soho Grand of fishbowls. If you gotta have a fishbowl then this is the one to have right?!?!?!?

Elsley has really become a part of the family. We love him and his little personality. Yes, I'm talking about a fish! But, seriously, he wags his tail around when you go up to him and tries to communicate with a very fishy kind of way.

I almost killed him last week and I went in to complete panic mode. I was changing his water out and refilled it with water that was too cold. Before thinking I put him back in his bowl and felt he was possibly freezing to death...literally he froze and wasn't moving...this wasn't like Elsley. We immediately put him outside in the heat to get the temp of his water down and since it was 109 degrees, that didn't take long. He was alive and kicking this morning so we're all good. Would have hated to lose him!

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