September 29, 2011

We're all about tents around here...

Tents, tents and more tents.  We've been on two camping trips this year and still have one more to come.  On top of this, we've set tents up in just about every room in our house as this is Lo's "thing" right now (among many others).  This is our most recent creation....

Bed jumping is another one of Lo's fave things and now Gaines.  I let it happen all the time and will continue until it results in a broken limb! YIKES!

G is not so happy here!
Yes, we have a full on tent from a sporting good store in the kiddos room. They love it!  It will be there until it's time for our next camping adventure and will then return.

No, our little tent set up is not necessarily the tents you see out there on other blogs, pinterest, etc but it is one that has been created over time. Oh how I would love to have more time to come up with creations such as the ones below but I guess you could say ours is more organic right?!?!?!?!

 Via Happiness Is... This really does make me happy just lookin' at it. 

Via Tim Walker Photography - Magical!

Via Shoelaces and Cheese -I would love to sit and each cheese and crackers and drink wine in this tent.  Wouldn't you???

Via Babble

 Seriously love them all!

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