June 20, 2011

Back in Techy mode!

So you may wonder why I didn't blog last week. Well, it's because I left my cell/blackberry in Miami and it threw me completely OUT OF TECHY MODE!!! Literally! Without my phone I felt I couldn't function with technology (so sad I know) which meant I couldn't blog. My cell arrived this morning so I should be up and running again this week with the blog. YEA!!! A lot to catch up on....I plan to post recital pics/video finally and have to catch you up on our little Gainesy...boy how this boy has changed. More on this to come...

In the meantime, I made a few fabulous purchases in preparation for our Miami trip (more on this trip too). I'm uber-obsessed with my new shoes (even though they caused a wicked blister the first time I wore them) and this sweater from Anthropology (seriously their sale needs to end NOW). These two items I've been wearing with EVERYTHING! Love it when I make good purchases like this.

I've been throwing this Hyperbole Pullover over everything...dresses, tanks, shirts, stripes, florals, etc and it is adorable. I love to layer but it's hard to layer when you live in Texas as it's so dang hot (especially this year...YIKES)! This was my solution...I can layer this one with everything....and I do!

I'm thinking these Diamond Brocade Wedges hold their own and don't really need an explanation. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

Oh, did I mention that in addition to my blackberry being out of my hands all week, our TV also went out. So we've been living in the olden ages with basically no TV. Yesterday, we finally made the dreaded trip to look at TVs. It was Father's Day so it seems everyone had this same idea...ARGH!!! Anyway, we figured out what we want but didn't make the purchase (more techy stuff I wasn't willing to deal with until my BB arrived). I keep telling Clay "I'm fine with not having a TV"...he keeps looking at me like I'm insane. I hate to make big purchases like this (especially after we JUST bought a car and took a trip to Miami...guess it all goes down at once...at least this is always the case for us) but I guess we have to do it (Bye-Bye Nikon Camera and/or iPad...at least for now). So, I'll be off to take care of this today...the thought of it just makes me cringe...UGH!!!

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