June 9, 2011

Fun times as a parent!

Let me just tell you...it's all fun times around here in the Odom house! No one ever said parenting was easy but this....OUCHERS!!! We're going through some tough times right now with the kiddos and it's starting to make me question the whole third child possibility. I'll tell you that as of now, Gaines will be AT LEAST 2 or 3 years old before we even start considering it...maybe older. But, the problem is I'll be a ripe 'ol 38ish around that time. Oh well, people are having kiddos in their 40s so why not.

Anyway, here's the deal...as you know, Gaines got tubes just a few weeks ago and the possibility of an ear infection with tubes is very low....merely impossible. WELL, guess what?!?!?! I think our little guy has one. CAN YOU BELIEVE?!?!?!? Why oh why! So, we'll likely be back at the ENT this afternoon or tomorrow (I was also there Monday BTW...yes, I live at the doctors offices). The possible looming ear infection equates into (once again) NO SLEEP. We were up all night last night with Gainesy and then Lola decided to wake up around 6:00 a.m. whining and crying and screaming and whining. When she finally stopped at around 8:00ish, she said "I'm sorry Mommy, when I start crying I don't know how to stop". It was so sad to hear this. I know that's probably the case or otherwise why wouldn't she just stop. Poor baby girl. Age 3...ROUGH TIMES!!!

Speaking of age 3....the other day I had a girl who actually rolled her eyes at Lola and gave a huff. Granted, Lo was acting a fool (mainly because she was hungry and she's 3) but who is this girl to have the balls to do this (must I mention that she was maybe 20 and has no clue what will be coming her way one day). I was SO irritated! I know that when Lola is acting like a crazy 3 year old, people are thinking "That lady needs to get her daughter under control". But you know what...NOT FAIR!!! Every child is different and we have tried everything and we continue to try. The fact is that Lola is a great child with tons of personality and is also beyond sweet but she's also a strong willed child and it's all part of it. I even talked to Dr. Mirrop about this and he said it's all completely normal and those with strong personalities seem to give their parents a harder time. I have a friend who read the Lola on a high! blog post and it drove her to send me an email. Her comment to me was that she's certain she was just like that when she was 3 and her preacher says "Strong willed girls are the ones who won't have teenage boys in their bed at age 14". I'll keep thinking this and hope that age 14 will bring all joy! She also told a friend about the blog post as she too was going through the same thing with her daughter. You know...sometimes it's good to know we're not alone in all this and others may be dealing with the same thing!

On top of all this, I have two kiddos who always want to be in my lap which equates to no time to regain my sanity after a long day at work. Gaines, well, he's just a Mama's boy which means anytime I'm in the room he's crying to get in my lap. And, Lo, well she gets a wee bit jealous and then she wants to be in my lap too. Then when they're both in my lap, Gaines is pulling Lola's hair so Lo screams and wants him down but if I put Gaines down then he's crying and trying to crawl up my leg to get back in my lap. All along, Lo kicking at him to get away. This makes for a vicious never ending cycle filled with kiddos whining and crying. EEEK!!!

Anyway, it's a week like this when I tend to struggle but I also always think this:

(Love this image and have been looking for the perfect opportunity to use it!)

Lets face it. Although it can be very tough at times, they still brighten up our lives on a daily basis and I'm so glad they were born! Here are just two examples as to why...

Lola having fun dressing up in her Halloween costume from 2009. She loves to play dress up whether it be as a bride, as a princess, as a fairy, as a ballerina, as a chicken, as me (she LOVES to put on my clothes and pretty much does it every evening...it makes me happy that she finds me interesting enough to actually dress up as me...sorry...proud mommy moment) or really anything she can come up with which can vary and is quite entertaining.

Our smiley Gainesy. He's such a happy baby (unless it's the middle of the night). He's out grown all his one piece sleepers so I'm now putting him in Lola's old pajamas. There's something so funny about a little boy in a pink top with cupcakes and cookies and shorts with butterflies. Love it!

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