June 22, 2011

Tiny Dancer

Here it is....FINALLY!!! I'm posting the much anticipated "Tiny Dancer" blog. I love, love, love that I have the opportunity to use this lovely phrase as a title to a blog as the song Tiny Dancer by the fab Elton John is one of my ALL TIME faves!!! I've had so many moments either in the car or at a friends house or in a bar and even at a wedding where I can't help but to break out into a full on karaoke style jam (with an imaginary microphone and all) to this song. Oh...the memories...

Anyway, now onto the most important "Tiny Dancer"...our little Lola! As yall know, her first dance recital was back in early May (still can't believe it's taken me so long to post this). This is a moment that every mother who has a little girl dreams of (and some who have boys as shown in the video below...he's adorable...maybe this will be Gaines one day). I was fully prepared for Lola to just stand and not do a thing the entire recital but boy was I wrong. She danced her little heart out. It brought tears to my eyes watching her. I was so proud of her and for her! It's clear Lola truly loves dance. So, enough of my chit chat...lets get on to the good part. Pictures and the video of Lo's recital.

And now, for the finale! There are two dances - the first is the ballet number which is clearly Lo's fave and the second is the tap number (you have to click on the 2 to view). I messed up the video when posting it somehow (not techy much!) so just click on the link below. I actually plan to upload the video to youtube later this week so it will be more clear....will let you know when I do this. No further delay...I hope you enjoy as much as we did!!!

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