June 2, 2011

The neverending debates....

Clay and I have had a few ongoing debates going on for AT LEAST 2 months. Of course, our debates are probably a little different than most. I say "I think we should get X" and Clay says "I think we should get Y" and then the conversation ends there and we never come to a decision. So I guess you would actually call them "silent debates". I try to probe Clay to make a decision but it doesn't ever happen. At this point, all I'm asking is for a decision to be made even if my choice doesn't win so we can move on but the conversations continue to be avoided.

First debate...

Nikon Camera


iPad 3G

Our birthdays are upon us and we've decided to combine our gifts to invest is something we'll really put to use. The problem....well, I'm dying to invest in a better camera and Clay is really pushing for the iPad. However, although he's pushing for the iPad, he has yet to say "Ok, lets just get one!" instead he just lets time pass. Yesterday I even sent Clay a text and said "I think we should go ahead and get a good camera for our birthdays. Is that ok?" His response "Not sure" and the debate will end there and no decision will be made. I seriously want to SCREAM!!!

Next debate (a bit larger)...

Chevrolet Equinox


Volvo SUV

We absolutely HAVE to buy a new car. The last time we went out looking to buy a car we got so overwhelmed and stressed that we abandoned the idea all together. Even now, this is something neither one of us really want to do as we feel it's almost a waste of money but it is no longer a luxury to have a new car but it's a MUST!

We've spent thousands on repairs for the Passat. Most recently we spent close to $1900 (in and out of two different shops) and the damn car still isn't working right....it's back in the shop as we speak. Frankly, I'm tired of dumping money into it. We could own a top notch BMW for what we've spent on repairs year over year. At this point, we really have no choice but to make the Passat a second car. So, the silent debate begins....

Clay is a bit of a car snob. The last time we went out to look for cars, he really only wanted a BMW, Volkswagen or a Volvo. Well, here's the problem, I WILL NOT EVER buy another Volkswagen. I know some people swear by them as they're suppose to be reliable cars but after the problems we've had with our lemon of a Passat, I won't do it. I quickly put an end to that debate! So that leaves us with the BMW or Volvo. Well, I do the finances around here and I'm not willing to buy a new BMW or Volvo SUV. Even though both are great/beautiful cars, I refuse to pay that much for a new car. So, that means we would have to go with a used BMW or Volvo SUV. But, I absolutely don't want a used car after all the problems we've had with the Passat. We bought the Passat new but I want a new car where we can get 100k mile warranty. No used cars for me. Just don't want to risk it. And, frankly, I'm over German cars. I want a good ol' American made car that even if we do have problems, it's cheap and easy to repair.

With this, I've thrown out the idea of the Chevrolet Equinox. It's a reasonably priced car, it's roomy and I think it's nice looking. Granted, not as nice looking as the BMW or Volvo but it looks similar. Plus, we can attach that good ol' 100K warranty. Now, that's what I'm talking about! I asked Clay to talk to his dad to see if his cousin who works at a Chevy dealership could get us a good deal. I was pretty certain that conversation was never going to happen so I took it upon myself to call his dad myself. Last night at dinner, I tried to have a good conversation about the Equinox. I said "Seriously Clay...it's a nice looking car, why don't you want to at least consider it?" His response "Because it's not a Volvo". Yet another decision not being made...HELP!!!

There they are....our current debates. What to do???? I feel like we need to hire a mediator. Just sit down with a third party and talk out the pros and cons. Then we can be on our merry way. Anyone interested???? Likely never going to happen but we'll have to start making decisions shortly...especially regarding the cars. ARGH!!! I have a feeling we'll be walking away from this whole deal with an iPad and a Volvo as I'm just ready for a decision to be made....NOW. Keep you posted....

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