June 10, 2011

Miami Baby!

I'm SO excited about our trip to Miami this weekend! Young lovers get-a-way trip. It's Perfect timing as it's coming after a fairly stressful week. CAN-NOT WAIT!!! I've already checked in on our flights, ready to start packing (but still have a long day at work), have to go get my hair cut, pedicure, etc. So much to do to get prepped for a fab trip.

Funny story before we head out....While Clay was out of town, he got real sick with stomach problems. He woke up Wednesday morning feeling just as bad. As I was taking the kiddos to school, I told Lola "Daddy is real sick with stomach problems". Lola continued to probe me and wanted to know exactly what was wrong. I explained to her that he had "poopy problems". She said that we needed to take him to Dr. Mirrop when he got home.

Now, to preface, anyone who knows Clay well should know he gets super embarrassed very easily. And, anyone who knows Lola well, knows she will say anything and everything at any moment (part of being a 3 year old and a talkative one at that). I knew when I told Lola her daddy had "poopy problems" she would be very concerned and would likely tell everyone at her school (Yes. That's what these lovely 3 year olds do!). So, it gets even better! When Clay went to pick the kiddos up, Lola ran to him and said "Daddy, Are you still sick? Do you have poopy problems?"...I must add, she yelled this in front of all "her friends" and teachers. LOVE IT! Clay, of course, didn't love it so much and wanted to crawl under a rock. Me, well, I found great joy in hearing this story and thought it was absolutely hilarious! It's moments like this when you gotta love a 3 year old!

Have a good weekend all!

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