June 6, 2011

Super Challenge!

I'm super P-U-M-P-E-D about our upcoming trip to Miami! But, I'm also super nervous about the wedding attire which has created a super challenge for me. I was thrilled to find this adorable Rhanna Gill dress at none other than the fab Anthropologie.

Check out the back...LOVE!!!

As usual, Anthro made the dress hunting challenge very simple. This was the first place I started my hunt, my eyes immediately went to this dress, it fit like a glove and the hunt ended right then and there. I mean look at it...does it not scream Miami?!?!?! And, when the wedding is over and behind us, I can easily dress it down with a cute sandal, flat, simple jewels, etc and wear it daily. I may even hem it up a bit (since I can do this myself now...Woohoo!) to make it a little more casual. Love it! However, my super challenge is this...The wedding is on Fisher Island and notes "formal attire". I have to find a way to really "fancy" this dress up. What to do?????

I've yet to find any answers. I know I need a fabulous pair of shoes. I'm thinking something patent but haven't found the right shoe yet. YIKES!!! The Anthro girl and Clay both mentioned maybe pairing the dress with some sort of shawl. But, I don't know what color, style, etc. It just hasn't hit me yet and typically I'm all over stuff like this and know exactly what I want. YIKES again! Then, the jewelry will be key. I think I have a few pieces that will work but I may need to go on another hunt for another piece just in case. I have to do all of this in a matter of days. On top of this, Clay is out of town until Wednesday so I'll have the kiddos on my own which leaves me with even less time. YIKES again again!

If anyone has any suggestions on pairings to "fancy" this one up, please throw them out there.

P.S. UMMMM.....We have a new car. A VOLVO! Yes, silent debate #1 lost. More on this later in the week. The car is BEAUTIFUL!!! Super pumped. Also, posting dance recital pics/video tomorrow...I promise!!!

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