June 30, 2011

School pics have arrived...

I was hoping to post pics of our adventurous weekend today but here's the deal...Clay has all the pictures on his phone and still hasn't sent them to me (despite numerous requests). This is one of the reasons why I'm unable to post things timely. The other reason is that even when I have the pictures on our regular camera, I have to use Clay's computer to upload and it's never here. I'm kind of tired of all the delays so I've decided screw it...I'm going to get my own camera that I can upload (timely) on my own computer. Maybe this will help me with my blog goals.

Anyway, since I don't have those pics yet, I figure I can post the next best thing which are Lo and Gainesy's new school pics. I made sure to pick the ones that made me laugh the loudest. And, yes, I laughed out loud when I was going through the pictures. I'm fairly certain the picture lady thought I was a nut but oh well. I mean look at these! Are you cracking up or what?!?!?!? Love it!!!

Lo has been very good this week. Going to bed like a "big girl" and all. So her award is a day with me today. We're taking the day off and going to hang at the pool with friends. Super excited!

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