July 19, 2011

Embrace your inner hipster...

I love my hubby for so many reasons...he's uber talented designer and artist, he's driven, he's super intelligent (like no other trust me), he's a phenomenal father, he's such a fun person, he's passionate about those things he cares about most, he's supportive on all levels...this list could go on and on! But, one of my favorite qualities Clay has is the fact that he is completely "in the know" about all things fashion....especially women's fashion. I'm not sure if it's his past experience with designers like Luca Luca and Gucci or some of the many fashion boutiques he's designed such as Standard Style in Kansas City or the sheik V.O.D boutique in Dallas...regardless...he's definitely "in the know".

This can really be handy for me. I love fashion and Clay always pushes me to take my fashion to the next level. When there is something I'm not so sure about, he'll make sure and push me to take it there. I love this! It's like having my own personal stylist in the house.

This also holds true with my hair-do which technically is an accessory right?!?!? Anyway, around the time Gaines hit 9 months big 35 was looming in my future and I hit yet another major existential crisis. I hadn't lost all my baby weight, I hated my hair and my face looked horrible/old. It was super traumatic for me.

When I hit this point, I didn't linger and allow myself to get all in a funk...I made a decision to do something about it ASAP. First, I was going to run my heart out. And I've been doing this consistently and it's paid off as I'm now officially back to pre-baby weight this week. YEA!!! I would like to lose another 15 lbs to get to my goal weight (which I have not seen since I was 18 years old). I seem to be losing about 1.5 lbs a week so should be there soon. Woohoo!!!

Next, my face! I had to do something about it. Luckily, right when I hit the crisis mode my mom just so happened to have bought me an entire Estee Lauder aging kit (hint,hint,hint...) filled with the face wash, lotions, etc. Let me tell you...it's made a HUGE difference. It's actually amazing the difference it's made! Of course, I went from never washing my face to a routine with a great product so it was pretty easy to show an improvement I guess.

Then, there was the hair-do. The same day I hit my crisis mode, I called my stylist at the totally hip Birds Barbershop and made an emergency appointment. She was able to get me in thank goodness! As I was sitting waiting for her to finish up her client, I sent Clay a text and a series of text messages began...

Amy: Do you think I should cut bangs?
Clay: Cat Power.
Amy: So, that's a "Yes"?
Clay: Cat Power.
Amy: Are you sure?
Clay: Yes. Embrace your inner hipster....

For those of you who don't know Cat Power, she's a fabulous musician that I have a sneaking suspicion Clay has a secret crush on (or maybe it isn't so secret).... Here she is in all her glory.

I loved this! I trusted Clay ....I did it and I have absolutely LOVED "embracing my inner hipster"....

Although not quite Cat Power, the new look has brought out a whole new me!

Of course, with the heat, it's not always feasible to have these bangs in my face which has helped contribute to my obsession with headbands. I have many I love, love, love and anytime I see one that's fun and unique, I'm always open to add it to my collection. Here are some of my faves which I wear daily.

Preview please!

I've also always had this thing with clips and probably always will. I was wearing them when they were cool....I was also wearing them when they weren't so cool....now I think they may be cool again but it doesn't matter because I'll continue wearing them when they are no longer cool. I guess you could say clips are "my thing"! Many times I just throw on a simple old school bobby-pin which is actually my fave but ever so often I'll spice it up. Easy accessory to funk up any outfit.

Please disregard the crows feet which I don't even need to use an arrow to point out as it's so blatantly obvious. The Estee Lauder face wash/lotions can only do so much. I'm thinking they can only be cured with botox. Although I've always said I would never go there, after seeing these pics I may reconsider. EEEK!!!!

I urge you too to embrace your inner hipster. It's an awesome feeling I assure you!

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