July 26, 2011

Summer time fun!

Here are some pics from yesterday of summer time fun out in the sandbox! The kids love being outside....even with this heat. Gainesy also LOVES his sister and wants to do everything she's doing which can result in lots of screams if Lo doesn't want him in her business.

Scenario: Gaines swoops in to play with Lo's sand creation. Lola screams "No Gaines!" and Gaines screams right back because he wants to play too. It's non-stop. I'm glad he loves his big sister so much!

Gaines is always right by Lo's side.

Now he's reaching for something...she's not going to be so happy about this!

I think Lo shooed him away so it' time for him to find something else to play with on his own. What will he find????

Awe. Perfect. A leaf. Gaines loves showing you his finds and handing things to you. He's also big into pointing right now. This leaf will likely be in his mouth shortly.

See! What did I tell ya?!?!?! Leaf in the mouth! Is it good Gaines???

Not so much!

Wish I had more but this is it for today. Big work week ahead of me again...NEED. A. BREAK. ASAP!

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