July 8, 2011

Railroad Revival Tour 2011

Well, since I didn't get any pictures downloaded last night I guess I'll go ahead and finally post something on our fab Marfa trip. LOVED IT!!! And already can't wait back to go back in September....Now onto the star of the show...The Railroad Revival Tour - I WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO EXPLAIN THE EXPERIENCE WE HAD AT THIS CONCERT!!!

Yes, I just put that in all caps for a reason. Literally, this was a mind-blowing experience that I'll never be able to explain in words. I'll just try to keep it simple and sum it up in one word...MAGICAL!!!! Yep, I think that does it! Even to this day when I think of the show or watch the videos below or listen to one of the band's CD (yes, we still buy CDs...crazy people we are!), I get chills and want to be back in that moment. A moment I didn't ever want to end. Unfortunately, it did and now I'm left to tell the story so here it is....

The Railroad Revival Tour - Mumford & Sons, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros and Old Crow Medicine Show embarked on a tour "unlike any in recent memory". They traveled across the Southwest over the course of a week to six unique outdoor locations along the route- starting in Oakland, CA then to San Pedro, CA, then to Tempe, AZ, then to Marfa then to Austin and finally the ended the show in New Orleans. The best part was they traveled by train in vintage rail cars. There was talk everywhere that this was a once in a lifetime show to see and it all lived up to the hype. (Side note...on top of seeing AMAZING bands, I was also able to stare at Jake Gyllenhaal most of the concert. Yes, he was there and YES he is hot, hot, hot! Supposedly he hoped on the train in San Pedro without a bag and traveled on the train the rest of the week with the crew. Gotta love it!)

The bands! Man are they fabulous! Although I thoroughly enjoyed Old Crow Medicine Show and truly appreciate them as a band and like their music, they aren't one of my "favorite" bands. Again, that's not to say the show they put on wasn't great (especially Wagon Wheel) but I just wouldn't throw in one of their CDs and listen to it over and over. Now, with that said, two CDs I would (and do) throw in constantly and obsessively listen to are the new ones from Mumford & Sons (LOVE LOVE LOVE....OBSESSED OBSESSED OBSESSED!!!) and Edward Sharpe (LOVE LOVE LOVE and obsessed but probably not quite as much as M&S...well...maybe:)). Hopefully one day I'll be able to give these two bands their own blog because they deserve it!

With all that said, let the fun begin. Man, it was hard to choose which video to play so I just chose several....get ready for some flutters in the belly.

Old Crow Medicine Show performing Wagon Wheel

Mumford & Sons performing Little Lion Man

Edward Sharpe & the Magnificent Zeros performing Home

The finale where all bands came back for an encore and performed Amazing Grace.

I seriously didn't want this show to end. What a perfect way to end your week with these videos though. Have a good one!

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