July 18, 2011

It's Camera Time!!!

I finally have Clay on board with buying a better camera. We still have some ongoing debates but I plan to have them solved this week (OCD much!) as we're about to start a travel whirl-wind between now and October and I want to have radical pictures come out of these trips.

The battle: After several discussions with some camera connoisseurs (which even included a professional photographer) the ongoing battle is now between one of the Leica point & shoots or the Canon EOS. We already have a Cannon point & shoot so I'm pulling for the EOS. Since Clay won the last battle (Ummm....Volvo), maybe I'll win this one. You think?!?!?!

It would also be fun to invest in some of these groovy cameras from Urban (Seriously LOVE this store for so many reasons...more to come on this). Unfortunately, although I would love to have a plethora of cameras to play with (or for Clay to play with), it's not in our budget. ARGH...always the budget!!!

How fabulous are these!?!?!?

Clay and Lola came home with this book the other day and have been glancing through getting ready to make there own pinhole camera.

Pretty cool I must say! Off to Kansas City today. Toodaloo!!!

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