July 15, 2011

Wedding Bliss - Part I

We've been in the middle of wedding bliss. It's fun seeing all the new love birds tie the knot with hopes of having only pure joy together for the rest of their lives (What is it they say????..."until death do us part"...aahhh). After 10 years of marriage, we know marriage is not all joy but at least if it's joyful 95% of the time and you're able to work through the problems then that's a success in my opinion.

We've been to two weddings over the past 6 weeks and have another one still to come. I must debut all the wedding photos including my dream wedding which I found on a fabulous blog that literally makes me want to renew our vowels so we have an excuse to have this exact wedding (Just. Wait. It's AMAZING!). More to come on all this along with a fabulous engagement party for my cousin that was absolutely perfect from every angle. With all the wedding fun surrounding us these days, there will be a few phases to the Wedding Bliss blog postings.

For the Wedding Bliss - Part I post, I thought I would post some pictures of our neighbors, Mark & Ari's, wedding. The wedding was in South Austin at a groovy place called Mercury Hall. A perfect fit for our very laid back totally hip neighbor friends. I loved that the ceremony was far from traditional. It took place outside under huge oak trees and was perfect. The bride & groom had each of their parents present a poem which was all very touching. After the ceremony, we hear the reception was a blast....drinking, dancing, pinatas...an all night party. Unfortunately, we weren't able to stay long as it was close to Lola and Gaines' bedtime and they were getting fussilicious. Considering we were the only ones there with young kiddos, we figured we wouldn't spoil every one's fun with a couple of crying kids and made the decision to head out early.

Here we all are before the wedding. THANK GOODNESS for my anthro dress I bought for the Miami bound wedding because it's been well worth the money so far.

Look at the Twinkies! Clay asked if I planned this. I would like to say I did but I actually didn't. However, I absolutely love how their outfits turned out. Too cute! We'll have to make sure to coordinate these outfits together again.

My adorable little Gainesy. OH....he is the love of my life (other than my fab hubby and beautiful daughter). I would love to give him a big kiss right now!
This is the new face he loves to make. Always makes me laugh when he scrunches his little button nose up like this.
I'll take this smile any day! Lola absolutely LOVED the wedding. When we were heading there she asked if Ari would be wearing a crown. She was completely enthralled when Ari came walking down the aisle in her wedding dress and veil. She was a beautiful bride!
After the ceremony, sweet Ari gave Lola her bridal bouquet which was very special for Lola. She carried them around proudly for the rest of the evening!

That's it for today but hope to be back soon with more wedding fun. Weddings really do make me happy. I'm off to Kansas City on Monday but will be back soon with more updates!

Happy Weekend (Can't believe we finally made it here...too bad I have lots of work to get done this weekend not to mention a house to get in order....ARGH ARGH ARGH)!

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