June 12, 2008

A bad day turned good

Yesterday started out pretty bad. Why you may ask? Well, it was my birthday and I turned 32. I can’t help but get depressed over birthdays anymore….I actually dread them. I miss the days when you would get so excited about a birthday that you had butterflies in your stomach. Now, several days before the big day got here I was thinking “Is there anything worse than turning 32” . Then I thought about this a little further and I figure 33 will probably be worse. Luckily, I’m still 364 days away from 33 so that made me feel a little better. I realize this is a little melodramatic but I really did feel this way.

To ease the pain I was feeling, I decided to take a vaca day and spend some time with Lola. This bad day quickly turned good. We went to Itsy Bitsy yoga and then I did post-natal yoga. We hadn’t been back since I returned to work so it was fun to see all the mothers and babies again. Lola loved it! Then, I headed to one of my favorite little stores and decided to buy myself a little something. Why not? It’s my birthday…Happy Birthday to me! I got a cute little hot pink pin stripe skirt. It will look precious with everything.

Of course, the most exciting part of the day came at 4:00 p.m. We had Lola’s 4 month doctor appt. I’ve been excited about this one for weeks. I purposely scheduled it on my birthday as I knew I would be depressed and I figured this would lift my spirits. Well, it did!!! It’s funny how you look forward to these appointments. I was the same way about my monthly appointments when I was pregnant. I’m happy to say Lola is perfectly healthy. She weighed 16 ½ lbs (95th percentile) and was 25 ½ inches long (90th percentile). I knew she was a big girl!!! The doctor also said Lola is real close to being able to sit on her own. And, we can also start her on cereal. So, this weekend we may give the cereal a try.

After the appointment, Ben, my brother-in-law, and I went to the Luke’s Locker Marathon Kick-Off meeting. I got pretty pumped up and I’m ready to get out and start running on Saturday at 6:30 a.m. Woohoo!!! When I go out on a brisk walk in the neighborhood with Lo or the dogs, I’m exhausted after about 10 minutes so this marathon training should be interesting. Please keep your fingers crossed that I survive this training.

So, after several days of worrying about turning 32 and dreading the day, it actually ended up being a fun fulfilling great day.

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