June 17, 2008

Rolling everywhere...

So far, not too much going on this week. However, Lola is rolling around like crazy. She loves it!!! You put her on her back and within seconds she'll be on her stomach. It's so cute until she started doing it at night.

When we lay Lola down at night, we put her on her back. She'll immediately roll to her side. I decided that the girl loves sleeping on her side so I should stop being an overly conscientious parent when she does this. SIDS has been one of my biggest fears since day one. It's really weird....I think we are really laid back parents but when it comes to anything that can cause SIDS I pretty much obsess over it. So, it was hard for me to finally let go and just let Lola sleep on her side. Of course now that she loves rolling onto her stomach my panic has picked back up.

Over the past couple nights, we'll wake up to check on Lo and she'll be on her belly with her face buried in the mattress. I'm telling you....if freaks both me and Clay out!!! With this happening and my SIDS obsession, I've been waking up at least every hour to check on Lola to make sure she is still on her back....it's been exhausting!!! I'm not real sure what to do about this or if we should even be concerned (Anyone who has an opinion....please let me know). Anyway, I received a frantic call from Clay on Sunday. Lola had been napping and he walked in to check on her and (once again) she was on her belly with her face smushed into the mattress. He panicked and frantically picked her up and she woke up screaming. I decided that if we were ever going to get sleep again, we would have to do something about this. So, I ran to BRU and got there 1 minute before the doors closed. Now we're using a positioner. It seems to be working pretty well so far but I have a feeling it won't be too long before she figures out how to tackle the positioner. It seems she'll find a way to roll on that stomach no matter what it takes. Please....anyone....advice....

I haven't mentioned another milestone. Over the past couple of weeks Lola began recognizing her name. It's so cool that when we call her name she'll actually turn her head. Exciting!!! We're also going to give cereal a try this week. We'll make sure and post pics.

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Erin said...

Hi, it is Erin, Ben's cousin. Do you remember me from Ben's b-day? I was checking out what was up with momofandango (Googled it) and ran across your wonderful blog. It is so much fun to see little Lola growing up. It reminds me of when Callie was doing those things. It is so much fun. Miss Lola Ruth is so precious. I checked back today because Molly thought you had written something about the G Diapers which I am totally excited to try. I hope to talk with you about all your great baby finds and tips before October. It is crazy how much has changed in 3 years!
I decided to comment because I know how crazy the SIDS and whole rolling over thing can make you. As far as making you feel better about it, I am no expert but hope I can help. I never had a video monitor but can imagine it could give you great peace of mind. A guy at my office bought one and says it is the best. He wakes up worrying and just looks over at the monitor and sees his Lillie move and feels better and goes right back to sleep. I can see how that is much better than getting up each time. I also have heard the motion detectors (Angelcare) help.
I don't think you have anything to worry about but I know that doesn't help. I am always leery of lookin things like this up on the internet but in this case, I think there is a lot out there to help calm your nerves. The thing I try to remember about looking at stats is that there are great differences within the group that is used and that the numbers can be skewed for your specific situation. Remember, you are educated about this and don't smoke around her, let her get too hot, have a good firm mattress and keep stuff out of her bed. When you see stats on SIDS, not all of course, but some included don't follow these guidelines and/or don't have thriving children or the nice environment you guys do. One thing I found interesting is that (ex. 2001) the rate of SIDS among African Americans was more than twice that of Whites and more than three times greater among American Indians than Whites. (You and/or Clay might have some American Indian in you but I don't think that counts.) Also, babies are at most risk between 2 and 4 months so Lola is past that! The numbers reduce again significantly after 6 months. Only 10% of cases are in children older than 6 months. I asked my Dr. about the rolling over and he said that if they are strong enough and have the motor skills do that, then there is no reason to worry or stop them. He said that if nothing is in the bed to stop them, they can move back out of potentially harmful situations themselves. Even some SIDS websites say you can't fight nature and that it is ok to let them turn if their beds are free of blankets, pillows, etc. and that actually at the point they can turn themselves over, their chances are reduced. Also, remember how babies can feed mushed right into your breast. That always amazed me. They can breathe in the strangest positions. I used the positioner at first but have recently heard negative things about those. Although I had no problem, I just wanted to point that out. She may be better without anything just movin' and shakin' in that big bed on her own. Don't hesitate to ask your Dr. They probably won't tell you anything unless they feel completely comfortable. Mine would never say it was ok to let Callie sleep on her stomach (before she could roll over), but didn't get on to me too much when I said she wouldn't sleep any other way. I bet Lola is loving changing positions and cozying in her fav. position on her side. I have also heard that is a good way to have them sleep but don't know what they say currently. She is a strong, healthy girl. I can't believe she is already to that stage. Time sure flies, enjoy every minute! I hope all this rambling helped a bit. I hope to see you and your family soon.