June 24, 2008

Fun at the Lake!!!

Well, I have so much to say and for the first time in a while I can't do it. I'm officially sick and barely have the energy to type this blog. Ok...maybe a little over exaggeration but I'm feeling pretty bad. I want to fill everyone in on the fabulous weekend and some other happenings but today isn't the day as I'm not up to it and I'm feeling the writing blues. So, in the meantime, I'll attach some pics of of Lo's first boat ride. She was a little fussy at first as she was hungry and had a huge life jacket on but then was fine....she actually ended up sleeping like a baby (excuse the pun) most of the ride.

Oh, since I'm not babbling on today due to the illness, I figure I can give some other insight. Don't want to walk away with nothing good to say. Here are a few books that I've found some interest in lately. Thought yall might enjoy also.

Farwell, My Subaru - I heard this author speak and thought he was insightful and witty at the same time. This book is a good way to learn how we can all be better at being "green" and laugh at the same time.

"Whether installing Japanese solar panels, defending the goats he found on Craigslist against coyotes, or co-opting waste oil from the local Chinese restaurant to try and fill the new “veggie oil” tank in his ROAT (short for Ridiculously Oversized American Truck), Fine’s extraordinary undertaking makes one thing clear: It ain’t easy being green. In fact, his journey uncovers a slew of surprising facts about alternative energy, organic and locally grown food, and climate change. Both a hilarious romp and an inspiring call to action, Farewell, My Subaru makes a profound statement about trading today’s instant gratifications for a deeper, more enduring kind of satisfaction."

X Saves the World: How Generation X Got the Shaft but Can Still Keep Everything from Sucking - As a "Generation Xer" I got a kick out of this author and thought yall may too.

From Publishers Weekly: "Nostalgia for the attitudes and culture of the early to mid-'90s looms large in Gordinier's entertaining book-length argument for the greatness of Generation X. Gordinier does not have warm sentiments toward the baby boomers or the current wanna-wanna generation of celebrity worshippers, preferring instead the self-effacing, conflictedly ambitious heroes of the '90s, like Kurt Cobain and Richard Linklater, who were not enthralled by the concept of changing the world. Gordinier has an easygoing style and a comprehensive knowledge of pop culture gleaned from a career writing for Entertainment Weekly and editing Details magazine, and this might be the reason the book sometimes feels like a collection of essays. Sequences on the rise of Nirvana and the burst of the dot-com bubble are ably narrated. And Gordinier does find a fresh perspective in discussions of recent phenomena such as YouTube and American Idol and their relationship to Generation X".

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