June 19, 2008

Cereal is Yummy!!!

Well, we tried cereal on Sunday night and it didn’t go so well. Lola made a face like you’ve never seen before….almost as if she was completely horrified. I wish we had pics from Sunday but we don’t as the camera was dead. I made the first time mother cereal feeding mistake…I used breast milk not thinking of the fact that she probably wouldn’t eat it and the milk went to waste. HUH!!! I was sooooo irritated with myself as breast milk to us right now is like finding gas at $1.50 a gallon….Basically, it’s precious!!! So, I wasted an ounce of breast milk and this took about 2 days for me to get over it…bummer! Well, I must say I guess it wasn't a complete waste b/c the dogs seemed to love it. They couldn't wait for us to get done....as soon as we were, they honed in and licked the bowl dry. Hopefully they got some good nutrition out of it.

Anyway, we gave it another go last night and it went much better. This time I learned my lesson and mixed the cereal with formula. She actually seemed to like the cereal this round. She would open her mouth and was swallowing it better but still would make the funny face….to a lesser extreme this time though. I think part of it is getting used to the spoon which I assume will take a while. At points, she was grabbing the spoon right out of my hand and would start sucking on it trying to get as much cereal in her mouth as possible. When I tried to take the spoon back, she would give me a big WHAY!!! It was really cute and fun!!!

Here’s what I’m still struggling with….So, Sunday when she hated it, we fed her milk before so she wasn’t starving. I thought some of the problem with her rejecting the cereal was that she wasn’t hungry. However, yesterday we fed her cereal before giving her milk. This worked better but seemed to make her very anxious and aggressive with the cereal (kind of like I am during all meals….as a matter of fact, I’m scarfing down a lean hot pocket as we speak…I’m starving and can’t seem to get enough of it). So, we need to work on finding that happy median (BTW…question for fellow blog readers…Is the phrase happy median or happy medium? I’ve researched this in the past and never really found a definitive answer. I tend to use them both interchangeably.). Hopefully tonight we’ll be able to nail it and maybe by next week she’ll be a cereal eating coocooclock!!!

I’ve attached some pics documenting the process…it was really fun! Every milestone just gets better and better.

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