June 27, 2008

Must Have #5

The Orbit stroller rocks!!! When we were trying to decide on a stroller, I was all about going the cheap route as I felt they are all the same and there is no reason to spend extra money. Clay on the other hand was really passionate about getting a good reliable stroller so he did his research. In the end, I gave in to his passion and we decided on the Orbit stroller (http://www.orbitbaby.com/).

Now, the Orbit is more expensive than your basic “Babies-R-Us” stroller but I have quickly found that it is worth the cost. It is absolutely fabulous!!! Every day this is one purchase that I’m glad we made. Well, we didn’t actually make it, Clay’s parents did but you get the point. Not only is it totally groovy looking (BTW….if you get this stroller, be ready to have people constantly coming up to you making comments and asking questions….they all love it) but it’s so user friend and it's really 3 strollers in one.

If you talk to people with kiddos, they’ll tell you that you really need three different strollers – 1) The infant travel system 2) A walking stroller 3) An umbrella stroller. The Orbit is all 3….it really is!!! The infant travel system is fabulous due to the base. The seat locks into the base and it allows you to rotate the seat around. This makes it so much easier to put Lola in the seat as we can rotate it towards us. Or, if she is fussing in the back, when I'm at a light, I can rotate her around and give her a toy or pacifier or whatever it is she wants and then rotate her back in place. Doesn’t get much better than that!

Then you have the base of the stroller which is also fantastic!!! You can also easily rotate the seat around on the stroller base and it is so easy to fold up….easier than an umbrella stroller. I’m telling you….you take one hand, flip your wrist and it’s folded up. And, it’s just as easy to flip out. Plus, it’s light so it’s easy to throw in and out of the trunk.

Finally, this sucker rolls as if you’re on clouds and it has a turning radius like no other stroller out there so it’s very convenient when you're at the mall going in and out of clothing racks trying to find the “must have” outfit. We also have the toddler seat and it is so comfy for baby Lo. I’m able to take her out in the neighborhood on walks and she loves it.

So, all of you pregnant women out there….make sure and give this one a look. They have them at my fav store Baby Bliss (http://www.shopbabybliss.com/) or another great store Right Start (http://www.rightstart.com/). Like I said…It’s a little bit more expensive but I promise it will be worth it!!!

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