June 4, 2008

He’s come out of hibernation

Clay seems to be a creature of habit. It never fails that every year as soon as the temperature drops below 60 degrees (which isn’t very often in Texas) or as soon as fall hits, Clay starts to grow his beard (which only takes about a day) and always has great expectations for it. He’ll say things like “I’m not going to shave it for a year” or “I want it to look like Jim James from My Morning Jacket”. Fortunately, he has never let his beard go for a year but as you can see from some of the pictures posted below, he’ll let it get pretty bushy.

My favorite beard story was from Christmas 2006. Our dear friends Ashley & Mark were visiting with their little girl Isabel who was 2 yrs old at the time. Well, we walk in, Isabel sees Clay, points to him and says "Jesus". It was Hilarious!!! We let it go on for a while but Ashley and Mark figured it probably wasn't good that Isabel thought Jesus was in their living room especially when he had a beer in hand. Ha,Ha!!! It was too funny. You gotta love kids.

Although there have been some great beard stories and photos, I’m happy to say that Clay has come out of the Fall/Winter hibernation and has shaved. We can see his face again!!! It’s so refreshing. Now we can officially say that Clay is ready for summer and it seems it’s going to be a hot one!!!

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