June 10, 2008

The Blabla

When I first saw the blabla dolls (Must Have #4 - www.blablakids.com), I absolutely fell in love with them! They were so cute and unique and the colors were vivacious and fun. The blabla was the inspiration behind Lola’s nursery and it turned out totally “spunky and groovalicious” as Molly puts it. I was so thrilled that my FAVORITE baby store Baby Bliss (http://www.shopbabybliss.com/) also carries the blabla so I was able to register for all of them (If you live in Dallas, you have got to check out this store…totally funky and cool). Now that Lo is starting to play with things, we have found that her favorite toys are the blablas. I think she loves them for the same reasons I do. She loves to hold them, stare at them and chew on them of course. Attached is a picture of Lola with her favorite blabla. She absolutely loves it!!!

As you’ll see in the pic, we’ve been having some issues with Lo’s hair. Like her father, she has curly hair. I’m thrilled about this but it’s definitely hard to control at times. Right now we’re going through a phase where she looks a little bit like a Soprano’s baby. Hair up and slicked back…..too cute!!! Look how shockingly similar her hair looks to Silvio’s from the Soprano's....ha,ha,ha…you gotta love it!!!

Up until this past Sunday, Lola has been sleeping in a cradle in our bedroom. Since she was about 10 weeks old, I have said to Clay “I think we need to move Lola to her bed this week”. Clay would always say “No, she’s not ready and neither are we”. Of course, in my mind, I was thinking “Who’s “we”? Do you have a frog in your pocket?” as I’ve been ready to make the transition for a while. We finally bit the bullet and on Sunday we put baby Lola to sleep in her fabulous bed in her groovalicious nursery. She loves her nursery so I felt this transition would be easy. Now I’ll admit….it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be....I was a little sad that she wasn’t lying next to me in the cradle anymore. One of my favorite things is waking up and seeing her in the middle of the night but I also knew it was time.

Well, Clay on the other hand, was a nervous wreck. Sunday night he was up and down all night long checking on Lola. Every little sound he popped up and headed to the nursery. Yesterday he said he got less sleep with Lola in the nursery than when she was in our room. I think he may have also mentioned seeing ghosts....I'm assuming this was from the sleep deprivation...not real sure. It’s sweet how worried he was about her. Of course, she was fine and slept great. Like day-care, there is a transition period but after we get through this week, it will be wonderful.

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