May 28, 2008

Cousin on the way...

We're so excited that Lola's first cousin is in the oven cooking. Molly & Ben finally announced to the world that "They are expecting!!!!". Yea! Baby on the way!!! We're all so excited.

We know they'll be great parents as they are so wonderful with Lola. Not just the way they look at her and hold her and take care of her but how they want her around always. Boy...if Lola Ruth isn't going to be there, then it's just not a good time anymore. For example, Ben's birthday (BIG 27!!! Remember the days....) was about a month ago and Molly threw a fab party for him. It was all mom was coming over to keep Lola. Well, nope....that doesn't work. Although all their friends got babysitters for their kids, they wanted Lola there for the party. Molly's exact words were "Lola is my muse and I want her here". How cute! Lola partied with us all night and everybody loved her. Or, this past Friday was Molly's birthday (BIG 32!!!) and again we were going to have my mom come over to keep Lola. Well, that wasn't good b/c everybody wanted Lola with us for her birthday celebration. Things like this make you feel so good as a parent. To have family and friends that love your child so much that they always want her around. It's very special!!!

So, as a congrats gift I gave Molly all of my essential items that I had to have throughout my pregnancy which were: low fat wheat thins (in case of emergency hunger weakness), mixed nuts, jalapenos, hot tamales, prunes (I know...very strange craving), bananas, water, cream to prevent stretch marks, waste band (to help smooth you out when your in that phase where the stomach is mushy) and Pea in the Pod pre-natal yoga schedule. Oh, how I loved all of this stuff throughout my pregnancy. Most of these items were with me at all times. The only thing I couldn't wrap was the big gulp coke that I allowed myself once a week. I looked forward to those all week long.

Congratulations Molly and Ben!!! We can't wait for the little bambino(a) to arrive.

Adam & Brana, Now that you're married, it's time for you to start working on cousin #2.

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Brana said...

YAY!!! I am so excited for the two of them!!! Molly and Ben are going to be AMAZING parents!!!! We love you!!!