May 12, 2008

Lola's First Home

For Mother's Day I squeezed in a 8:00 a.m. yoga class (nothing like 90 minutes of yoga in a 98 degree room w/ 60% humidity for a Mother's Day was well worth it!) and then we packed up the car and went to Baird to spend time with Dinks (Clay's mom) and then went to Midlothian on Sunday to spend time with Gami (my mom) and eat deer meat (I realize a little redneck) which I had been craving for months....yummy! It slipped my mind that I'm actually a mother now and this is a day for me to celebrate weird. It must take a while for this feeling to set in. Of course, it made my day that we were able to make the Grandma's day by taking baby Lola to them. However, once we got home I realized how nice it is to be at home. I kicked back, popped open a Stella (my fav) and enjoyed the evening with Clay and baby Lola.

I was also hoping Lola would realize what day it was and show me her appreciation by giving us a full night of sleep. Well, didn't happen. Poor baby girl hasn't gone #2 in four days (Can you imagine) so she was up with a belly ache. If she is fussing over anything other than being hungry, then it must be bad because the girl just doesn't fuss. So, tonight...what do we have in store??? Well, we have to give Lola a baby suppository and prune juice. sad is that. Not looking forward to it but we'll do anything to make her feel better. Before you know it, this blog will also be a medical journal for all existing and future moms.

In other news, as most of you know, our home was on the White Rock Home tour in April ( where they anticipated up to 3000 would walk through. Thank goodness for maternity leave because it was a lot work to get ready for the tour but well worth it. It was also Editor's Pick in the March/April 2008 D Home ( and now we just learned that it could potentially be in a Sony commercial. Woohoo!!! Of course, we're up against two other homes that will be some pretty fierce competition. But, if we don't make this commercial, the production company loved our house and they are putting it in their "book" for other potential opportunities. We just accidently fell into this house and are so excited that Lola's first home is getting such great reviews. It's the first good investment we've made (other than Columbia University of course). With this exciting news, for those of you who haven't seen our house, I've attached a pic along with pics of baby Lola's nursery designed by my sister-in-law Molly (, blog @, or email

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