May 13, 2008

They say....

Have you ever used the term “they say…yada…yada…yada”? Well, I think I’ve always used this term to a certain extent but since having a baby it seems I’ve caught myself using this term pretty much on a regular basis. For instance, “They say a baby should weigh 12 lbs at 3 months”, “They say she should be eating 4-5 oz at 3 months”, “They say you shouldn’t swaddle after 8 weeks”, “They say a breastfed baby shouldn’t get constipated”, “They say it’s normal for a baby to not sleep through the night as a reaction to daycare”, etc, etc, etc.

It’s funny because I didn’t realize this term had taken over my life until about two weeks ago when my hubby, Clay, said “Who are “they” that you continue to refer to”. At that moment, this statement caused me to squinch my eyebrows and think very deeply as this was a very good question….who are “they”? Since Clay has asked this question, I catch myself when I refer to “they”. It’s amazing...I’m not joking….I can refer to “they” up to 10 times a day… Wow!!! It’s almost like every single thing that comes out of my mouth these days is regarding “they”. Do I even have a personality or is it all about “they”? This is now the million dollar question but it seems “they” are taking over my life. So, I urge you to also pay attention and see how often you refer to “they”. You may be surprised how much "they" can take over your life.

Great news….Lola went #2 last night after four full days. What a relief! The solution….suppository. We didn’t even get to the prune juice part and she was already done. She seemed to be in hog heaven during the process. It was a major deal meaning it took two people and an act of God to get her clothes off her without getting the #2 all over everything. We didn’t succeed at that but at least baby girl feels all better.

Look how cute baby Lola is playing with the flower girls at Adam & Brana’s wedding. She really loves kids.

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