May 15, 2008

“Must Have” #1

When I was pregnant and it was time to register I was very overwhelmed. I had no idea what we needed and had no clue where to start. So, I began taking polls from all my friends that had kids, took their “must have” list and went from there. I’ve now developed my own “must haves” and will try to share them throughout the blog. First “must have”, Adiri bottle ( and/or Dr. Brown glass bottles (

One obvious thing that we all need with a new baby is bottles. Did you know plastic bottles are a no no for babies? It’s crazy…right? Well, this is because a chemical in some plastic food and drink packaging including baby bottles may be tied to early puberty and prostate and breast cancer. Wow! Can you believe this? I didn’t just make this up either. It came straight from the U.S. Government’s mouth.

The key is to buy bottles that are free of bisphenol A which basically eliminates most plastic bottles as bisphenol A is used in the productions of plastics. So, this is why my first “must have” is either the Adiri bottle (silicon) or Dr. Brown’s glass bottle. Both are great not only because they are bisphenol A free but they also have a vent that helps prevent colic and gassiness and they are eco-friendly. It’s a win win with these bottles!!!

Of course baby first but with this information we also need to think of ourselves. Clay is on a mission to throw away all of our plastics. Oh my!!! Think about how much you use plastics during a day….tupperware, plastic baggies, plastic cups, bottled water, bottled soda, etc. This list could go on and on and on. This is going to be a huge adjustment. So, I’ve asked Clay to slow it down as we’ll have to ease into this change.

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Brana said...

I love your blog!! I look forward to reading it every day because you are so cute and enlightening. Keep it going, I wish I had enough interesting things to blog about each day!! Love you!!
Brana =)