May 5, 2008

One Sad Day

I’m very sad today so I hope this blog doesn’t bring anyone down. Today was the first day of daycare for baby Lola. I wonder why it’s so hard? From the beginning, we would leave Lola for several hours at a time. We did this early because we wanted Lola to adapt to being away from us, it’s good for her to spend time with other people other than her parents and we thought it was good for us to have time away from the baby. Of course, anytime we would leave her, it would be with family. Today is the first time we have left Lola with “strangers”.

Early on in my pregnancy, we decided that we would send Lola to a daycare rather than using a nanny or in-home care. We spent hour upon hour researching daycares in great detail. We feel very comfortable with our choice of daycare or as they call it “Child Development Center” but I still have this funny feeling in my stomach. Everyone you talk to says “It will get better”. I’m ready for that day to be here. I’m assuming once we get through this week, we’ll be fine. And, I know she is having fun cooing with the other babies in the nursery and playing with all the toys. But, I can’t wait to pick her up and I just don’t want to miss anything. Although I’m sad, I’m still happy with the decision we made.

On the bright side, Lola turned from her stomach to her back last week and she also started reaching out to grab things. She had been grabbing our shirts, hair, etc but now she is looking at something and intentionally reaching for it. Wow, it’s amazing how quickly they start doing things. Before we know, she’ll be talking and walking.

I’ve attached pics of baby Lola sleeping. It is so sweet to see her sleep….like a little angel.

Food Intake 5/2/08:

Lunch – Chicken tenders and mashed potatoes from Chicken Express

Dinner – Brother’s rehearsal dinner - BBQ

Again, diet will start on Monday....please hold me to it!!!

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