May 22, 2008

Lola loves to cat nap

Boy we’re lucky. Lola loves to cat nap or should I say tiger nap. When I was pregnant, if you asked me “What will you miss most once the baby is born” my answer would have been “Cat Napping “ without thinking twice. Well, I don’t want to mislead anyone so I should actually phrase the term as “Tiger Napping” because the naps I’m referring to usually last a minimum of 1 ½ hours and can be as long as 3 ½ hours. I’m not kidding….I really love the tiger nap!!!!

We have been blowing and going for the past two months and it seems there hasn’t been one moment to sit back and breath. This past weekend was the first weekend in well over a month where we had no plans. I was so happy about the plan free weekend and looked forward to it all week. I thought I’ll finally have time to get organized and get things done around the house. I had my list of chores. BTW…I love my lists....they basically run my life. The list included things such as clean out my closets, get the nursery organized, clean out the cabinets, wash clothes, write thank you cards, pay bills, etc.

Well, when it came down to it, I basically couldn’t move due to exhaustion and didn’t do one thing all weekend (We did squeeze in the Radiohead concert Sunday evening....awesome show!). Oops!!! What did I do instead? Tiger napped all day Saturday and Sunday. Now, you would think once you have a baby that the tiger nap would be cut out of your life. Luckily for us, that’s not the case b/c Lola LOVES to tiger nap. The funny thing is Lola doesn’t typically sleep a lot during the day. She usually takes little 30 minute to hour long naps here and there throughout the day. But, when it’s time to tiger nap, she is ready to go down hard. On Saturday and Sunday, we would lay her down with us either on our chest or next to us on the couch and she would take the 3 hour naps right along with us. She wouldn’t wake up until we started moving around. Then, if we got up for an hour or so and decided to take another nap….she would be ready again. It’s great and what I like to call a true blessing.

Other great news, I weighed this morning and have lost 1 ½ lbs this past week. I guess my regime is working so far. I hope to keep the scale moving down. Over the past couple months, I’ve felt like Lola should be attached to my hip at all times so people know I just had a baby. I’m finally starting to feel like I can walk out into the world on my own and feel comfortable with it. Such a great feeling!!!

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