May 1, 2008

My Gorgeous Girls

I have to drop my gorgeous girls off at the kennel today as we are heading out of town for my brother’s wedding and I’m just heart-broken. Although, the kennel is great, I still get that sad feeling every time I have to drop them off. Well, I have that feeling today….my stomach is literally in knots. Once I drop them off , get past the moment when they are fighting come back to me and drive off, it’s usually better but I still look forward to the day when we get to pick them up.

When I say “my gorgeous girls” or “ baby girls”, I’m referring to Bella and Lady Bird, my dogs. Anyone who knows me well, know that my dogs are my pride and joy and I love them to death. I even have a song I wrote for them titled “My Gorgeous Girls” that I sing to them all the time. Well, throughout my pregnancy, I can’t tell you how many people would say “Amy, those dogs will drop down on the priority list once the baby is born” or “Those dogs won’t be important to you anymore once the baby is born” or “you won’t have time to pay attention to those dogs once the baby is born” , etc, etc, etc. I could go on and on and on with the comments that were made.

I never understood these comments. I wondered “Just because I have a baby, how can my feelings / love that I have for my dogs suddenly change? Is that even possible?” I’ve since been able to address these questions and the answer is that I still love my dogs just as much as I did pre-Lola and I still make time to spend with them. Now, with that in mind, Lola is obviously my top priority and the new love of my life but that doesn’t mean that I love my gorgeous girls any less. This was such a relief to me. I didn’t want to abandon the two things in my life that have loved me unconditionally for the past 8 years and I haven’t. We now have three gorgeous girls and we have become a family of five…. it feels good!!!

Everyone have a wonderful weekend!!!!

Food Intake 5/1/08:

Lunch - chicken fajita pita, two tacos and a coke from Jack-in-the box. As soon as I wrote it in the blog yesterday I couldn't quick thinking about it. Like I said... no self control.

Dinner - Stuffed crab (fried...yummy), french fries and shrimp cocktail for appetizer.
I'm sorry I let my fellow blog readers down. You know the crotch wrinkle pants....well, they stretched a bit and the wrinkle was less so I regained some confidence. My only excuse.....I'll start the diet on Monday. Please hold me to it!!!!

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ejeand1 said...

I'm with you Amy on the love for your dogs. I actually have a few friends who are trying to get rid of their long time pets due to a child arriving. I totally don't get how you supposedly loved your pet sooo much but once your child arrives, they aren't important to you anymore. I have 2 boy cockers and once I become a mother, my child will have some big furry brothers! Love and miss you!!!!!!!