May 6, 2008


Oh my Gosh!!!! This is rough. I’m going on NO sleep. So, Lola has been sleeping through the night since she was 8 weeks old. I not only LOVE my sleep but I need my sleep so her sleeping through the night was a MUST for me!!!! I owe this little treat to Baby Wise…the must have book to help parents train their babies to start sleeping through the night between 8 – 10 weeks. I didn’t follow it exactly because I needed to maintain a life but I followed the general guidelines and IT WORKS!!!

When I say Lola is sleeping through the night, I mean she goes to bed around 10:30 and sleeps anywhere from 5:45 am to 7:30 am. She’ll then eat and sometimes fall back to sleep for another couple hours. It’s fabulous! However, people say I have a “sleeper”. But, I wonder….do I have a “sleeper” or does the theory behind Baby Wise actually work?

Anyway, last night things went a little different. As you know, Lola had her first day at the CDC (Child Development Center). It was great to pick her up but a few things were worrisome to me. First off, she didn’t wave her arms, smile and laugh when she saw me. I wonder why? I really wish she would get more excited when she sees me. After all, I did go through 30 hours of pure pain to bring her into this world and I provide her with the milk she loves so much. After some baby talk, I was finally able to get a smile out of her which made my day. I get her home and we go see Clay (Daddy). He was thrilled to see his little coo coo clock (this is what he calls her). But, all night long here is what he did “What’s wrong with her?”, “Why is she acting like this?”, “Is she breathing”, “Something is wrong with her”, etc, etc, etc. This literally went on all night long. He is such a sweet dad and he was just worried about the new environment but I was about to pull my hair out as she was fine and acting completely normal.

Second thing that was worrisome to me was that the teachers at the CDC (Miss Ira and Miss Yolanda) said “she did great but she didn’t eat much this afternoon. Is this normal?” The answer to that is NO. This was very disturbing to me because as my sister-in-law, Molly, says “The girl loves her milk”. I mean….she’ll suck down up to 5 ½ ounces in a matter of minutes so why in the world was she only eating 2 ounces. Maybe she is aware of the new surrounding and it takes some adjusting. I’ll keep everyone filled in on this status.

Well, since she didn’t eat much yesterday, she was up all night eating. Every 2 hours to be exact…..ouch! So, now, I’m exhausted. I guzzled literally 1 liter of Diet Coke first thing this morning. I was so desperate that I went and grabbed a hot one out of the car and sucked it down. I’m now on my second and I’ll soon go down to Starbucks and get a Venti coffee. Even with 1 liter of caffeine sucked down, I was not functioning right this morning. I didn’t have time to wash my hair-do which isn’t a good thing because it is greasy. Plus, I literally picked up the clothes I’m wearing today off the floor so I have wrinkled pants and a shirt that has some kind of food product on the sleeve. Oh good Lord….I sure hope I can make it through the day.

Today, Lola’s grandmother (Gami) will pick her up 12:00. Thank goodness for grandparents. I’ve attached some pics of Lola with her fab grandparents.

Food Intake: Lunch – Taco Salad. I do realize this probably has mucho calories but at least I moved to the salad family. Dinner – Chicken, green beans and sweet potato. I’m doing better!!!

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