May 14, 2008

My First Scale

It took 32 years but I did it!!! I invested in my first scale. I feel this may be the first day of the rest of my life. "Why?" you may ask. Well, since I've never been very pro-active and never really been good with diets, I always feared the number on the scale would only go up so I would just avoid it like the plague (I’m actually the same way with my checking account at times. I avoid looking because I’m scared the number will be way down. Does anyone else do this or is it just me?). Now, I’m ready to address this fear of weighing and take on a new challenge (or what I like to call a war in my case) and face it one battle at a time to get where I want to be. For once in my life, I feel I can do this through healthy eating, bikram yoga and the ½ marathon training. Yes, that’s what I said; I’m going to train and attempt to tackle a ½ marathon in December!

How did I get to this point and how am I finally able to face this fear of scales after so many years? Pregnancy is the answer. Throughout a pregnancy, you are forced to step on the scale at least once a month at every doctor visit and once a week as you get closer to the big day. As I saw the pounds pile on slowly, I became obsessed. This is when I completely changed my diet and became a yogian. Even with the new changes I had made, between months 5 and 6 of my pregnancy, I stepped on the scale and my biggest fear came true….I gained 11 lbs in one month! How in the world does that happen? I was traumatized. The first 4 months I had only gained 7 lbs and I basically gained that plus more in one month. It was crazy!!! Anyway, this obsession that I picked up during pregnancy has remained with me but now I’m ready to start seeing the scale go down. So, today I weighed on my own for the first time and I weighed 1xx. With my new regime, let’s see how quickly the scale moves. Being age 32 and post-baby, this won't be an easy feat but I'm ready to take on the challenge.

I’ve attached some photos to document the many stages of weight you confront during pregnancy. Me prego with my sister-in-law, me 3 days after Lola was born (I can't believe I'm even showing this photo but I just thought I would give all women out there a heads up.... WARNING: Stomach is still large as if there is a baby in there. It's about the same size as being 5 months pregnant....very depressing!) and me & Lola after a workout (No, I didn’t just get out of the shower but yoga rather. This is a class where skin tight clothes are a must and you walk out as if you literally just got out of the shower only it’s pure sweat rather than water….nice).

I'll keep everyone in the loop on this post-baby weight loss challenge. Wish me luck.....

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