May 20, 2008

The Next Big Thing

It’s really amazing how quickly they change. Here are some pics from last night when we were playing with Lola. She is such a doll!!! It seems within a week she has changed so much. She is much more alert and really focuses on faces now. She’ll stare at you for long periods of time and you wonder “What in the world is this child thinking”. Not that I can remember but it makes me miss the days when life was so care-free. Lola has also become very active in the evenings. Stomach time is easy for her now and she is able to raise her head up high with a smile. She is also getting better at sitting up. She still topples over if you let go but she is able to balance better if you put her up against something. It’s fun seeing these little advancements and she seems so proud of herself when she accomplishes a new move.

In other great news, Lola seems to love daycare now. She laughs and coos when we drop her off and she's always having fun playing when we pick her up. The daycare said “She has made lots friends”. I’m not sure what this means exactly since she can’t talk yet but I’ll just go with it. Yesterday when we picked her up she was sitting in an exersaucer. This is a first! She hasn’t been big enough or steady enough until this week. Now, I am a little torn about the exersaucer, swing and all other objects of this type. Why? Well, “they” say the use of walkers, swings, exersaucers, etc can cause delays in development. Studies show babies who spend a lot of time in these type of toys tend to sit, crawl and walk later than babies who don’t. I know, I know….this is a little much. But, you have to pay attention to the research. This is why I love the playmat (must have #2) because it challenges babies to move around on their own, reach for things, turn over and other fun things. That’s my tid-bit for the day. I’ll try to keep these to a minimum in future blogs but I figure parents and future parents might be interested in what “they” say.

Although I love seeing her do the “next big thing”, it’s also sad for me to see her change so quickly. It’s funny how every little thing is such a big deal. Grabbing something, pulling things to her mouth, steady head, lifting her head, etc. These all become huge accomplishments when you're a baby. Every stage gets more and more fun which is great. I can’t wait to see what she does next.

Also, scope out this article Eat this, Not that. I found it pretty interesting. It makes you stop and think before you eat anything.

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