August 22, 2011

The bane of my existence AGAIN!

Gosh...I can't believe it's been over a week since I've posted a blog. Needless to say last week was insane. And the bad news is this week will not be any better. As a matter of fact, I'm sitting at the airport right now waiting for a flight. My 7:00 a.m. flight was canceled, I had to switch airlines and now I don't leave until 9:30 a.m. Unfortunately, this will really set me back this week as I won't get to my audit until much later than anticipated. At least this gives me time to post a blog and then I'll get an hour or two of work in before it's time to board. Oh the life of a traveling Mama...

Guess what's back?!?!?!? The bane of my existence...THE BOTTLE! If you don't remember this from child #1, see The Bane of My Existence Part I and Part II. Yes, there were two parts. Looking back at those postings, I couldn't help but giggle. Boy how I've changed. I was so obsessed with the whole "cut your baby off the bottle at 12 months because that's what "they" say to do" thing. It's funny seeing my obsession over it. Now I can think clearly and know that my children will not walk into kindergarten with a bottle in hand so it's not such a big deal if Gaines doesn't want to let go of his bottle at 12 months. thing less to stress about!

Even though I'm not obsessing about this particular issue, I can already tell you this will once again be "the bane of my existence" because, like Lola, Gaines is super attached to his bottle. Both my kids never took to a pacifier, blanket, doll, etc. I tried hard with both of them with a blanket and/or doll by rocking them with it, putting it in their crib, etc but neither one of them were interested. But, the bottle....oh the bottle they love oh so much!

Angle 1

Angle 2

It doesn't matter which angle you look at the baby boy...both ways it's VERY clear he loves his bottle. Gaines will take a sippy cup but they are not his preference when he wants to get serious with his la-la-la leche....only the bottle works in these serious situations! My plan is to start weaning him over the next 6 weeks. After trying several different sippy cups from Target and HEB, I've finally invested in the Think Baby and Born Free cups. I figure since these are his favorite bottles, maybe it will make the transition a little easier.

Definitely will need him weaned by October 26th as that's when his new baby cousin (Porter Davis Rope) is due to arrive and I will need to hand the bottles back over to Aunt Beans and Uncle Adam for the new addition. As usual, I'll keep ya posted!

So many updates for you but not sure if I'll get to them this week due to the hectic work schedule. We just got back from a long weekend with the family down in New Braunfels. Floating that river is my idea of heaven...SO much fun! Lola, Gaines and Curry are all "river rats". They loved it! Lola was able to put her new swimming skills to use and is already drastically improving. We'll continue to practice as we're heading to a swim party then the lake this coming weekend. I'm telling's NONSTOP around here! It seems we never stop blowin' and a goin'....

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