August 11, 2011

A Must Have!

It's been a while since I've posted anything fashion related. It's probably because at this point, I'm only throwing on the same dresses over and over and rarely even add accessories due to the extreme heat. To be honest, until yesterday (I had a lunch meeting), it had been weeks since I even put on make-up. I guess I'm going with the "all natural" look this this still a trend??? If so, I'm right on!

Earlier this week my two favorite catalogs and favorite fashion magazine came in...Free People, Anthropologie and Elle. I still had a hard time really getting excited over anything (although it is all fabulous) as it's all Fall stuff and I just can't bring myself to get even remotely excited and inspired by Fall wear....maybe it's because it will be at least November before we can start wearing any of it?!?!?! The good news about my daily dresses I'm wearing now is they're all dresses I love and I want to transition them into the Fall. So when I came across this pair of boots, they immediately caught my eye and I thought "I MUST HAVE!".

I was absolutely obsessed with boots last Fall/Winter and feel I will be obsessed again this year. Even when I think of the dresses I'm throwing on every day....These boots would be great with all of them. So, although we'll likely still be dealing with very warm weather in October, they could help me transition some of my Summer dresses into Fall wear. SO EXCITED!!! Oh, but wait....I first have to figure out how to afford them...hmmmm!!!! Maybe an early Christmas gift??!?!?

Speaking of boots....

I got these last year from Anthro (an early Christmas gift) and literally wore them EVERY DAY last Fall/Winter and through the Spring. I was heartbroken when I finally had to put them away in late May. I'm still loving them and they will absolutely be in the mix again for this Fall/Winter. You can tell I wore the hell out of them and their also nice and dusty...must have been a concert or something...I'm kind of liking the dusty look...blends in perfectly with my dusty floor!

Anyway, hopefully I can start getting inspired by Fall looks soon but if not, I guess I have my boots!

P.S. It's only 6:15 a.m. and I've already received a Instant Message and a phone call for work...craziness!!!

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