August 5, 2011

Enamored by...

So, one of my favorite blogs has a "Loving..." day. Basically, she posts things that she's "Loving..." that particular week. I too am constantly coming across things that I'm "Loving". Most recently, when I was on a search for Gainesy a birthday gift, I found so many toys, books, etc for both babies and toddlers that I was absolutely "loving". But, since my fellow blog friend already uses the "Loving..." title, I figured I shouldn't be a copy cat and decided to change it up a bit. So, I'm going with "Enamored by...". Granted, not as good as "Loving..." but I'm still "Loving" "Enamored by..." too.

Here are some of the things I'm "Enamored by..." when it comes to the kiddos.

Animal Masks - There are so many reasons why I'm Loving...oh wait...enamored by these masks. One, their adorable and two, you can also get creative with them in so many ways. You can keep them as is or have the kids paint or color them to make them their own.

Animal Alphabet Wooden Puzzle - Again, these are great for so many reasons and are good for a 1 yr old or 3 1/2 year old or older. All kids love to play with wooden things (Gaines specifically would love them because of this). Toddlers love puzzles (Lola specifically would love them because of this). And, they're also perfect for Lola as we're working on learning her letters now. This is a fun creative way to learn the letters!

Double Rainbow Maker - This is my FAVE!!! It uses two crystals that spin in opposite directions and makes a multi-rainbow display of dancing colors around a room. It has a suction cup so you can stick it on the window. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! And I know Lola would be absolutely fascinated by this. She just recently asked how rainbows were made...I let Clay answer this one. Santa Claus will definitely be bringing this one to her this year (Yes. Already planning ahead for Christmas...craziness!).

Playshapes Building Blocks - Lola loves playing with blocks. I specifically love these blocks because they're a little more unique and allow any toddler to use their imaginations and be creative with the shapes.

Tegu Discovery Set - We got these last year for my 2 yr old nephew for Christmas. This will be on the Christmas gift for Gainesy this year. I think they are great for any age but probably perfect for those little guys who are still trying to develop motor skills. The blocks magnetically connect and inspire creative play.

Wooden Fishing Play Set - How cute is this! Enough said right?!?!?!

I could go on and on but I must stop now. All of these fab items above are from the MoMA Store which I'm obsessed with....check it out!

Hope to have more blog time next week. We had a huge week. Lola completed swim lessons...YEA!!! More on this to come...

Have a fab weekend all!

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