August 29, 2011

One Charming Party

I love to check in on the One Charming Party blog! Two moms who love crafts and party planning started this blog a few years back. There are so many fun projects I'm dying to do with the kids and so many great party ideas. Here is a project I want to partake in with the kiddos asap.

Water Party: Sponge Ball

How cute are these sponge balls?!?!? I just think this is such a great /easy project to do with the kids then run outside to play in the pool. I know Lo will enjoy making them and Gaines will love playing with these sponge balls in the pool as he's all about balls right now. Absolutely can't wait to give it a whirl! Will post pictures once we do.

We went to the lake this past weekend to hang with friends. Lola has really become super confident with her new swimming skills. By yesterday afternoon, she was jumping off the doc into the lake and swimming around all without a life jacket. Gaines also LOVES water. We have him a little infant jacket and he dives in and tries to swim like the big kids. He loves putting his head under water and all. I think we have another little swimmer in the works as we speak.

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