August 3, 2011

Happy Birthday to Gaines!

Guess what today is???? GAINESY's BIRTHDAY (...and President Obama's)!!!

I can hardly believe our little baby boy is 1 yrs old today! Un-believable...REALLY!!! Wow how he's changed our lives (all in a good way of course)! Over the past year, we've been confronted with many challenges (two vs one child (Yikes!), no sleep (again), endless ear infections and visits to the doctor (painful for all of us), picky eater (hard to get this child to eat anything other than cheerios, feta cheese (no this is not a typo) and pizza), jealous sister (Oh Lord!), losing baby weight (leave weight...LEAVE!!!), etc) but there have also been countless happy times that have come along with the challenges. And boy how much our little guy has changed. They really do grow up way too fast. Before we know it, he'll be too old to rock to sleep...NO!!! I'm sure that's when I'll insist on another one (wink, wink)! As Tina Fey would say "I have a top notch baby with whom I am in love. It's head-over-heels "first love" kind of thing because I pay for everything and all we do is hold hands." I laughed out loud at this one! Think about it...this statement is SO TRUE!!!

Happy Birthday Gaines! We love you more than anything in the whole wide world!

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