August 8, 2011

It's Monday...NEED MUSIC NOW!!!

Well, it's Monday and it's beyond INSANE over here! I have mass amounts of tension in my shoulders/neck (really can't explain the tension I'm feeling right now) and I've already almost hyperventilated no less than two times due to the stress at work....literally my head starts spinning and I feel like I can't breathe...NICE!! After this happened the first time, I took it upon myself to scarf down four brownies in hopes this would help me feel better (as if I'm diabetic having some sort of attack or something). Instead, I'm now on a sugar high...HELP!

Oh, did I mention on top of everything else going on today, I also accidentally called 911 this morning?!?!?!? Yes. Here I am sitting on a conference call with my BOSS and see a policeman cruising up to my front door. I quickly prefaced to my boss "A cop is at my door...if I'm arrested, it's only for an outstanding ticket I forgot to pay (note: forgot to pay due to the mass amount of work which allows me no time to take care of things in my personal life) and not for anything else". Luckily, I wasn't arrested...just accidentally called 911 when trying to call Clay's 917 # dialed too quick and pushed 911...Yep!

Anyway, THANK GOODNESS I have something to look forward to tonight...MUSIC MONDAY! Clay and I are heading to The Decemberist show tonight at Stubbs. SUPER PUMPED! Oh do I need a couple hours to decompress with one of my favorite bands.

Here they are (some of my fave men and woman) playing Don't Carry It All (note to self) from The Kind Is Dead album.

Say what you will about The Decemberist (I know there are a lot of haters out there...can't quite figure out why...I personally think it's a "trend" to hate them...), but their new album is phenomenal!

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